Until now, Windows Media Player, Winamp, VLC were needed to watch all the TV channels available on the internet... PeerTV, including Mplayer, a fantastic media player from Linux, can recieve them all, no matter what format they use. PeerTV also bundles Peercast, a P2P streaming system, for extra entertainment and exotic channels.

PeerTV Channel list is updated automatically every time the programs starts up, so that it is always up-to-date. For extra comfort, you can sort channels by Genre and Language, to spot quickly the programs you enjoy, and add them to you Favourites list.

PeerTV updates its list from PeerTV Central Database (Peeramid), which aims at listing all channels from throughout the world, in all formats - for PeerTV is wmv, asf, mov, mp4, nsv, ogm compatible.

PeerTV can also record streams; you can manage recordings inside PeerTV to make it even easier.



PeerTV 0.4.1b